Reel Talk 5.6.13

Laura Casteel asks: “What is the first movie you remember seeing as a child, and what impressions did it leave on you?”

Curator Biography

Laura Casteel is a freelance writer and filmmaker, as well as a poetry editor for Treehouse, an online literary magazine. Follow her on Twitter at @LauraCasteel, or check out her blog at

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2 Responses to Reel Talk 5.6.13

  1. admin says:

    I remember a few films quite vividly from when I was very young. DOT AND THE KANGAROO (1977) traumatized me — my mother left me watching it on HBO one morning and came back to find me sobbing my eyes out. And I saw OUT OF AFRICA (1985) and THE COLOR PURPLE at the cinema. The latter traumatized me, too — Whoopi’s bloody handprint on the rock really upset me. There’s a theme of trauma here… I think my parents took me to some challenging films too early! :)

  2. MinisterOfMishaps says:

    When I was three or four years old, I saw The Blob with Steve McQueen, and I thought it rocked. I couldn’t get over how cool it was that a blob of goo could eat people (I also remember my mother telling me to never touch a meteorite if I saw one!). Still, it probably screwed up my subconscious in some way I haven’t figured out yet. :P