Remembering Masoud Yazdani

It is with great sadness that Film Matters announces the death of Masoud Yazdani, chairman of Intellect – our publisher and dear friend.  It’s never easy to begin referring to someone in the past tense – particularly someone so full of vigor and charm as Masoud.  As we struggle to process his passing, we take comfort in reflecting on the overwhelming impact his life has had on others and, by extension, the world of publishing.  Film Matters certainly wouldn’t exist today, if he hadn’t been willing to take a chance on the project.  Indeed, Masoud gave voice to many people over the years – often saying that his customers were his authors, not his readers – including our undergraduate authors.  These voices will chorus his consequence for years to come.  Film Matters is proud to be a member of the Intellect family, proud to have known Masoud, and proud to be a part of his legacy.  And we will work hard to insure that each issue of Film Matters honors Masoud’s vision and celebrates his enthusiasm for publishing.

Tim & Liza Palmer

To read more about Masoud, please visit:,id=67565/view/

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