FM 7.3 (2016) Has Arrived!

Film Matters is pleased to announce that issue 7.3 is officially out.  It’s our last 2016 issue — and a big one, at that!

Here, you’ll find the following peer-reviewed feature articles:

  • Constructing (Black) Girlhood: Americanization, Assimilation, and Ambivalence by Ouma Amadou
  • Putney Swope and Watermelon Man: Black Replacements of White Character Tropes by John Bennett
  • “The Good, the Bad and the Strudel”: How Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009) Manipulates Its Audience with Violence by Sarah E. Beyvers
  • Betraying Dostoevsky: Robert Bresson and the Art of Faithful Adaptation by Christopher LeMaire
  • Dystopian British Films in the Postmodern Era: A Critical Analysis of V for Vendetta and Never Let Me Go by Myrto Nika
  • España Reimagined by Robert Yeagle
  • “Images Are My Memory”: Chris Marker’s Sunless by Nace Zavrl

The latest “Mapping Contemporary Cinema” article:

  • Affairs of the Phone: Indiewood, a Bespoke Future, and Virtual Love in Spike Jonze’s Her (2013) by Donya Maguire

A special dossier on the 2015 New York Film Festival from students at Hendrix College:

  • New York Film Festival Dossier: Introduction by Christian Leus, Connor NewtonAdam Reece, and Dominique Silverman
  • Sweet Dreams: The Power of Compassion and Politics in Cemetery of Splendour (2015) by Christian Leus
  • Cinema’s Right to Tragedy: A Personal Exploration of 9/11’s Inclusion in Thomas Bidegain’s Les Cowboys (2015) by Connor Newton
  • Shared Dreaming by Adam Reece
  • Copy Is Everything: The Power of Communal Memorializing Through Film by Dominique Silverman

The following featurette:

  • Unleashing the Barbaric Yawp: The Elusive Quest for Carpe Diem by Catherine Douglas Moran

An original infographic:

  • How the Trope of Time Travel Is Used in Movies Infographic by Zhanat Tolubaev

As well as book and film/DVD/Blu-ray reviews by:  Abigail Anundson, Jackson CooperConnor HaslamHarsh Mahaseth, Brianna Okamoto, Jordan Parkhurst, Lydia Plantamura, Mina Radovic, Chic Scaparo, Jordan Scharaga, Lesley Alicia TyeKailyn N. Warpole, and Rachel Wassil.

For more information about issue 7.3, please visit Intellect’s website:,id=3261/

Film Matters is always looking for new authors and guest editors.  Please get in touch with us today!

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