FM 8.2 (2017) Now Out!

Film Matters is pleased to announce the release of FM 8.2 (2017) — guest edited by Matthew Sorrento and undergraduate students from Rutgers University-Camden.

In this issue, you’ll find the following features/featurettes:

  • Beyond Morricone: The Other Italian Film Composers by George Kristian
  • Kubrick Becoming: An Interview with Philippe Mather on Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine by Melissa J. Webb 
  • On The Autopsy of Jane Doe by Constantine Frangos
  • The Squid and the Whale: A Revenge on Childhood by Connor Rothstein 
  • “One of Us!”: Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Lobster by Constantine Frangos 

As well as book and DVD/Blu-ray reviews by Jen Bircher, Damien A. Capps, Nicole JY Chan, Kelsey Davis, Leila Estes, Rachel Hamilton, Frederik Hartmann, Mark P. Heaton, Jessica P. Jackson, Ty Johnson, Leah Rae Kmosko, George Kristian, Luke Lamar, Christian Leus, Tyler Linden, Megan May McCaw, Mina Radovic, Charles Riggs, Jianna Xiong, Hayley Wilson, and Jonathan Wright.

For more information about issue 8.2, please visit Intellect’s website:,id=3436/

We love working with guest editors!  Contact us today if you are interested in bringing the Film Matters experience to your campus, to your undergraduate students!

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